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His opinion is that the advantages of fiberglass makes the initial extra cost worthwhile. A downloadable fiberglass window buyer's guide is available, but it appears to have not been updated in quite some time. This article deals with the growing popularity of fiberglass windows. It notes that fiberglass remains a niche product, but that growing homeowner awareness, plus the addition of more manufacturers offering them, could make them a more mainstream choice. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors posts this article on the positives and negatives of vinyl windows.

While the content is aimed at new construction windows, much of it applies to replacement windows as well. Nick Gromicko and Rob London conclude that home inspectors should be on the lookout for certain defects that are unique to vinyl windows. Window Price Guide doesn't rate windows, but serves as a useful resource for those who want to get a ballpark estimate of what a window project might cost.

Unit prices and prices with installation are provided for several manufacturers -- with the caveat that these "may vary greatly from retailer to retailer and contractor to contractor. This slide show walks you through the benefits of wood windows, including wood replacement windows. Topics include how to tell if your old windows need replacing, costs of windows, installation and more.

This instructional guide includes a video overview and demonstrates how to replace a double-hung window. Other instructions on the site show you how to install a window sash replacement kit, how to repair and repaint old window sashes and more. Though this is an older article, its insights regarding clad-wood windows are still relevant. Proponents of aluminum cladding like it for its resistance to damage, while fans of vinyl-clad windows give it the edge for its resistance to humidity in more humid climates.

Building pros answer questions from readers in this forum. Contractors discuss their experiences with different types and brands of windows in this online forum. This is a great site to look for specific information and opinions from people with experience in the building industry. Homeowners discuss and ask questions here; you can post your own question or search for information about specific windows or types of windows.

It can be a little hard to sort through some back-and-forth and find information you can trust, but it's worth reading. ConsumerSearch editors personally research every product category to recommend the best choices. Expert review sources are heavily weighted, but user reviews, especially those where durability or usability are a factor, are crucial to helping us finalize our top picks. Like most other product review sites, ConsumerSearch is supported by a combination of commissions on the sale of the products we recommend and ads that are placed on our site by Google.

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I hope you like your Simonton Windows more than we did. Service was lousy. Windows are not at all what we hoped. I have to grab the bottom to pull the window down to where I can reach the grab lip to pull it down. Extremely irritating! Would not recommend any Simonton.

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I totally agree. Worst windows ever! Simonton sends plenty of parts to repair but you have to try to do it yourself. So disappointed in these windows. Hi Joy, sorry to hear about your trouble. What model window did you get? Simonton makes a pretty wide range of options. They are double hung windows with grids. Open out so you can clean both sides from the inside. Balances are metal and plastic. Plastic always breaks.

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I need to know how to fix those windows. Simonton does offer a pretty wide range of options from cheaper to nicer. Would you recommend daylight max by simonton as a inexpensive replacement? Going from old aluminum single pane windows in so cal. I have had them for about 10 years now and they show no signs of wear inside or outside, easy clean, and I am putting them in my new custom home being built now in , because I am so pleased with them. We are replacing 15 windows.

Georgetown a few hundred more. My leaning is to go with the Messo due to increased window area and energy rating or the if we want to upgrade—though I understand the window area is not as large on these windows. Thoughts appreciated! The sashes failed and fogged up. The windows were in the warranty period so I called Alside for replacement. They refused to deliver to my house and told me to pick them up. I had no provisions to pick them up and even offered to pay for delivery.

Nasty people at Alside, not nice to work with.

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Hi Rick, where are you located? That seems like an unusual response. Were they not willing to help? I am getting ready to replace a sliding glass door in my kitchen and a large window in my bedroom.

The bedroom window has a center window with two casements on the ends. Home depot came out and showed me Vantage Pointe by Simonton.

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What do you recommend. Also what do you think about sliders. Simonton is a great product , but recommend going through Dixieline. They have much more knowledgeable associates then Home Depot. I was under the impression that the windows were very similar just using different names. Is that not your impression?