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Isle of Man, Marriages, , records. Kentucky Marriages, — 1,, records. Leicestershire Parish, Marriage Records , records. Maine Marriages, — 1,, records. Massachusetts, Marriages, 8,, records. Mexico, Marriages, 21,, records. Minnesota, Divorces, — , records.

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Minnesota, Marriages, — 1,, records. Montana, County Marriages, 1,, records. Netherlands, Church Marriages, 4,, records. Netherlands, Civil Marriages, 19,, records. Netherlands, Leiden Marriage Banns, , records.

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Netherlands, Leiden Marriages, , records. Netherlands, Marriages, 1,, records. Netherlands, Tilburg Marriage Banns, 79, records. Netherlands, Tilburg Marriages, , records. Nevada, Divorces, — , records. Nevada, Marriages, — 6,, records. New Jersey Marriage License Index, , records. New Jersey Marriage License Index, 11,, records. New York City Marriages, 9,, records.

Norway, Marriages, 4,, records. Ohio, Marriages, — 6,, records.

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Philippines, Marriages, 4,, records. Portugal, Marriages, , records. Rotterdam, Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1,, records. Scotland, Marriages, 4,, records. Sweden, Marriages, 2,, records. Switzerland, Marriages, , records. Texas Marriages and Divorces 22,, records.

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Records are sent first class mail. Note: Do NOT send cash in the mail. Make certified checks and money orders payable to State Office of Vital Records. Skip to main content. Who may request a Marriage Certificate?

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What information is required when requesting a Marriage Certificate? The person requesting a certified copy of a marriage record must provide: 1. State, jurisdiction or territory Unexpired official Identification Card issued by another U. State, jurisdiction or territory Unexpired U.

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There are three different types of divorce records: divorce certificate, divorce decree, and divorce record. Which of these documents may be available to the public, however, varies from state to state. Divorce records are sometimes stored at both the state and county level. In most states, the death certificate is considered public domain and can be obtained by anyone regardless of their relationship to the deceased.

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Some jurisdictions, however, to restrict access. Restrictions on access to a death certificate may include access only to close relatives, including the spouse, parents, children, siblings and other persons who have a documented lawful right or claim, documented medical need or a state court order.

Some death certificates can be certified by a neurologist in the case that a person is verifiably dead but still on life support. In this case, the neurologist verifies the person is brain dead. Sometimes, a police officer or paramedic may be allowed to sign a death certificate under special circumstances, usually when the cause of death seems obvious and no foul play is suspected, such as in extreme old age. In such cases, an autopsy is rarely performed. In some jurisdictions, police officers may sign death certificates for children who are victims of SIDS, while in others all deaths of people under the age of 18 must be certified by a physician.

Accidental deaths where there is no chance of survival e. Death certificates are often used during estate planning, execution of a will, for social security purposes or life insurance benefit payments. Failure of a physician to immediately submit the required form to the government to trigger issuance of a death certificate is often a crime and can be the cause of a physician to lose their license to practice.

Death certificates can also be issued pursuant to a court order or an executive order in the case of people who are declared dead in absentia e.