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That's where FreeCarCheck.

3 Ways to Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying a Used Car

Some of our checks are free, and some aren't - but given that we're called 'Free Car Check', we try to throw in as much as possible for absolutely nowt. If there's something scary then we'll find it and let you know instantly.

It only takes a few seconds! Unfortunately there are, occasionally, dishonest people in every walk of life and the used car market is certainly no exception.

How to get Carfax Free Report

It may even be the case that the vendor isn't aware of the problems and bought the car "as is" - whatever the situation, it pays to know. There's also the increasingly common risk of "cloning" or "ghosting" - this is where a legitimate car's vehicle plate is copied to another one, and used for illegal purposes. It's similar to identify theft but for cars. If you are worried about buying a car that has been ghosted then, well, you should be!

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Because you may become liable if you buy a car with such a dodgy history; parking fines, car insurance claims, and the rest of it. In many cases these can be successfully disputed - after much tedious effort and explanation. Not exactly our cup of tea! So, don't become a statistic. We specialise in UK car checks or REVs checks, protect your investment and get instant peace of mind today for the lowest price online.

In the event that we do not hold any information at all on the vehicle, then we will alert you before generating a report. So if you are worried about paying and then realising that we do not hold any information on your vehicle, then don't be - our system doesn't work like that. If we list the vehicle on our website, then we will have the relevant vehicle data history report for it!

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We can instantly check any UK number plate - as long as it's valid. The only vehicles we cannot check, currently, are foreign plate ones. For example if you are looking to check the history of an Irish vehicle with Irish style plates, then our system does not yet support all of these formats unfortunately.

My best used car buying experience is with a particular dealer in our town. I even ended up buying a car from him sight unseen. I literally called him up when I was out of town, said I needed a car, flew back home, and picked it up on my way home. Few businessmen have earned that much trust — especially ones that sell used cars. Yeah, certified is always a good choice if you have the budget for it, but even then you should investigate its history. Appreciate it much. I was wondering though if you have checked out this website VinCheck.

I am guessing you get the drift.

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Anyway, a friend from the media told me about it and that, in some cases, VinCheck. Photo by Bilderandi on Pixabay.

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