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Location data tells a detailed story

Thank you for any help. Dear Leo I have been writing to someone who is suppose to be in the army stationed in Afghanistan. I am trying to find out if he really is there or just trying to lead me on. Please help me if you can. The Defense Department has a website for that. Another clue would be to find the originating IP address in the header of the email and check it in a whois search. Hi, I have been to the police several times regarding this. It has been going on for 3 years now.


I have changed my cell number 15 times, I have had different email addresses. Could you please help me.

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They change my passwords all the time set up accounts Match. Facebook they are using my account. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great. They have added new copyrighted books apparently daily to their free giveaways. Authors spend anywhere from a few months to a few years writing a book and they are being robbed of their commissions for their work.

The site is protected by icann. Any ideas? If the Website is hosted in the states you can complain the hosting company. You can file a DMCA take down request.

Finding the Owner of an IP Address

If the site is hosted overseas, then there typically little that can be done other than that trying to contact the site owner. I have the same problem with my books. One important thing to do is realize that your book is essentially a sales letter for your own product or website, and to make sure that every page is branded with your URL or identification. It sounds like first you need to understand how the internet works. They have patented some sort of technology and claim the source of their data comes from publicly available sources.

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Publicly available sources essentially refers to information which anyone can Google. They claim to have developed an algorithm to be able to associate an IP address with a physical address using information available to anyone. They, then, use this information to target ads for their clients. According to the success their clients are having seems to indicate that their algorithm works. Even if their claims of being able to target an individual home might be exaggerated. I can see it messing up a state or city etc but a country? There are are a few ways that can happen.

One very common way that happens is that the person might be using a proxy server or VPN. It is very common to use these services to get access to content not available in your own country. For example, many people use these to get access to things like Netflix or Youtube content not available in their country. Chances are you got the address of a Skype server. IP addresses are notoriously unreliable — as pointed out in the article.

Using the Command Prompt

I have a IP address of one mobile number. This IP address you Leo are talking about can show the location but not the address.

I am long in terms of this response or medium long, not long and not short in this message. The point is that your article was not that helpful to get the address. Leo, if you shortly provide more information about how to get the exact location, that would be better.

Java – find location using Ip Address

The other longer steps to contact the ISP with a court order is tedious and would waste time. My Facebook and ok. I have IP addresses on ok. As for Facebook,I get notifications if my accounts are being accessed from different devices. I wonder if it possible to find out who does that. The cities are the ones I never visited. That really scares me. Are you using a VPN service or a proxy or any kind of service which hides your identity.

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If so that other person is you. These services acces websites through their servers, and th IP address of the proxy server is what appears to the website. The reason I suspect that is because it happens at the same time as you are logged on. In any case, you should lock down your accounts.

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Email Hacked? There are several tools on line for getting information on IP addresses and Domain names, like ping. It takes the legal system to help you get that information.

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Leo, thank you for your hard work and time in all matters you discuss. The only thing you could do about something like that is go to the police about it. While they will not give out customer names or addresses, they can contact them and ask them to stop their harrassment or bad behavior. As the article states, it would take law enforcement intervention to get this information. If you feel there is a compelling legal reason to get this information, you might contact law enforcement or seek legal counsel. Technology changes literally on a daily basis.

What someone. Also the people who have instant access to this information are only human and can be bribed, threatened or blackmailed. Believing you cannot be traced if someone was determined to do it is naive. If people are not just determined to track you down, but willing to bribe, threaten, blackmail or commit otherwise illegal acts to find out where you live based on a situation that gives someone else access to your IP address… well, you may want to reconsider your online behavior.

Hi Leo: Thanks for the great article. What would this indicate? Each gave different information which you addressed above. We update this database every days. Any IP tracker company that you think is more accurate than others? Given that IP trackers are typically only accurate to the State level, are they really useful for this purpose?

Hi there, When I try to assign an IP, it says other machine on the network already has it. Is there a way I can find out who owns Internal IP like Is there any other way?