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The Attorney General may then ask the court, within 90 days of the registration of the act of birth in the register of civil status, to replace either the first name s or family name s chosen by the parents with one of the parent's family names or with two common first names, as the case may be. It is the court that makes the final decision on the matter.

Reasons You May Need a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate

You might need to get a birth certificate urgently, for example, if you need a passport in a hurry. In these cases, you must make a request for your application to be processed on an urgent basis.

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You will have to enclose certain supporting documents and pay the fee for this type of request. You can then get a birth certificate within three working days, in addition to the time needed for delivery.

Birth Certificate Authentication Legalization Apostille

The person whose birth is to be registered must have his or her domicile in Quebec. The request can be made by that person or by the parents. To register an act of birth made outside Quebec in Quebec's register of civil status, the following documents are required:. Once the act of birth made outside Quebec is registered in the register of civil status, it will be possible to get a birth certificate.


This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. This article is not a legal opinion or legal advice. You are about to visit a Quebec website. The site only explains Quebec and Canadian laws and regulations.

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Print Facebook Twitter Email. For most of the other countries, like Canada, some type of legalisation is necessary. To be valid in Belgium, a foreign document needs to be presented together with its true certified translation into one of the official languages of Belgium. Check with your respondent in Belgium which language it must be Dutch, French or German.

Individuals adopted in Québec or parents of origin of a child adopted in Québec

True certified translations made in Canada will need to be legalised. Translators in Belgium take care of getting their own translations legalised.

Important Notice

Important remark: the embassies and consulates of Belgium do not provide translation services. Any other document issued for example by a notary public or a lawyer,… must first be authenticated by the competent provincial authorities or the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs see listing below.

A true certified translation made in Canada needs to be authenticated first by a public notary, then by the provincial authority or the Federal Ministry. Only then the document can be sent for legalization to the Consulate general in Montreal. It is preferable to send the documents by registered mail to the Consulate general in Montreal.