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Father- Maricopa County, AZ. Parent- Reno, NV. Counties in the State are listed below. If your county is listed in red , please contact the court to see if you can take this course online. Lawrence County. Pike County. The Center for Divorce Education. CDE's Children in Between is a skills based program that helps children and parents deal with the children's reactions to divorce.

The program is based on research that identifies the most common and stressful loyalty conflicts experienced by children of divorce. Privacy Statement.

State of Ohio. Approved Parenting Class. Watch to learn more! I learned things about myself and ways I can communicate more effectively. She has now been a Sandusky County resident for twelve years.

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Jeremiah — married 10 October in Wayne County, Ohio:. Moses M. The Dixons had three children: Elizabeth, aged 7 years on 9 August ; George, aged 6 years on 4 March ; and Maria, aged 3 years on 5 November He left her in and moved to Indiana or Illinois and was married there to an unknown woman. Mary Ann — married October They lived in Hancock County, Ohio, until July They had four children between the ages of six and thirteen.

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A divorce decree and custody were granted. Matthew D.

Probate Division

The couple had four children: Francis C. Emily stated that Matthew sometimes kept Lois concealed in his tailor shop. Matthew owned inlot in Lower Sandusky [Fremont, Ohio]. Custody and divorce decree were granted to Ellen. Matthew was enjoined for meddling.


The couple was married in Michigan. In , they moved to Lower Sandusky. They were the parents of two children. One had recently died and the other was 4 years of age. John then left her in April The couple was married at Jackson Twp. She now resides with her father in Jackson Twp, Sandusky Co. They had one child and one other was born six months after their separation.

Susan Ann was given custody. The couple was married at Lower Sandusky, Ohio. Soon after Isaac became intemperate and has been guilty of gross neglect.

Isaac was known to be living in Seneca County, Ohio. Divorce decree was granted. John treated her with extreme cruelty. On 1 September , John left her without support. He has been gone ever since. ROUSH vs. Adaline — married 7 March Their two children are living with Charles. Custody of the children was given to Adaline until otherwise ordered.

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Alpheus — married 13 November The couple lived together until 1 August They were the parents of one son, Alpheus, Jr. Alpheus was guilty of adultery with Cordelia M. Custody of Alpheus, Jr. Joseph — married 9 September The couple had one child, Cynthia C. Lemon listed his residence as Green Creek Twp. On 4 November 18? In November , Mary left the state. A child was born 21 October The couple had one child: Rufus, aged about two years. She accused Joshua of extreme cruelty and sought help from her father and brothers.

Divorce was granted.

Putnam County court records

James — married 9 September The couple had four children: Eleanor, aged 13 years; Joanna, aged 8 years; Edward, aged 6 years; and John, aged 3 years. Margaret accused James of extreme cruelty by whipping her. James admitted striking her, but accused her of taking nearly all the pork he had butchered and selling it.

He stated that her intent was to take all of his money and send it to relatives and friends in Ireland. They had been Sandusky County residents for fifteen years. Their minor children were: William, aged 17 years; Martha, aged 15 years; Helen, aged 13 years; John, aged 10 yrs; Emmy, aged 6 years. On 25 March , and at other times. Custody of the minor children was given to Alfred. George W.

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The couple had five children: Elizabeth, aged 14 years; David, aged 12 years; Mary Ann, aged 9 years; Henry, aged 5 years; George, aged 3 years; and Lucy, aged 9 months. In January of , George had threatened Magdalene with a gun, and in February with a butcher knife. He frequently beat her. During the past 5 years, George had provided no support and during the most recent three years, he had been habitually drunk.

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The custody of the daughters was given to Magdalene and the sons to George. Magdalene was also awarded 50 of the 76 acres of their Riley Twp. She also received "half the rent share growing on the 50 acres," 15 bushels of wheat, 2 sheep, and the black heifer.