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When making a request for records, you should provide your name and the last four numbers of your social security number. For Pension Plan members, you may visit the offices of the Division to see the record, have it read to you over the telephone, or have a copy forwarded to you by mail.

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When complying with a request, the Division or SBA will not produce or generate information that does not already exist in the Division's or SBA's records or a member's retirement account file. Consequently, the Division, for example, would not provide an estimate of an FRS member's retirement benefit unless that information has already been provided to the member. The SBA utilizes, in its transactions with members, the member Social Security numbers that have been collected and provided by member's employers because it is imperative for the SBA to have the ability to identify Investment Plan members properly and definitively.

The road on which the headquarters is located, built especially for SSA, is named Security Boulevard Route and has since become one of the major arteries connecting Baltimore with its western suburbs.

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A nearby shopping center has been named Security Square Mall , and Woodlawn is often referred to informally as "Security. Due to space constraints and ongoing renovations, many headquarters employees work in leased space throughout the Woodlawn area. Other SSA components are located elsewhere. Much of the actual processing of initial benefits and subsequent adjustments to benefits is done in six large Program Service Centers located around the country.

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The six service centers are: [16]. They have been located in these six cities going back to at least the early s. In addition, there are specialized processing centers for the Office of Earnings and International Operations and the Office of Disability Operations, both located in Baltimore. The centers have each employed around two thousand people or more, giving them a major local economic impact, and even relocations within the same metropolitan area have created political conflict. Similarly, in the late s, SSA, the General Services Administration, and the Carter administration devised a plan to move the program service center from its main location, in two leased buildings on Horace Harding Expressway in Lefrak City in Rego Park, to a new federal building planned for a revitalization zone in the center of the Jamaica area of Queens.

Addabbo , who represented Jamaica and whose district would gain the over 2, federal workers involved, but was opposed by Congressman Benjamin Rosenthal , whose district would lose them. Addabbo Federal Building, as the congressman had died in the interim — opened in All workers in interstate commerce and industry were required to enter the program, except railroad, state and local government workers. In , the age restriction for entering Social Security was eliminated. Today, they still are, though a portion of each railroad pension is designated as "equivalent" to Social Security.

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Railroad workers also participate in Medicare. Most state and local government workers were eventually brought into the Social Security system under " Section Agreements ". The original interstate instrumentalities were signed in the s, and all states have a Section agreement with the federal government's Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability: What NOT To Do

All state and local government employees hired since , or whom are covered by Section Agreements, participate in Medicare even if not covered by Social Security financial benefits. Some state and local governments continue to maintain pension plans and have not executed Section agreements; if so, those workers may not participate in Social Security taxation. If workers have previously paid appropriate Social Security taxation or an equivalent, their Social Security benefits are reduced by a rule known as the Windfall Elimination Provision ; there is also a similar Government Pension Offset for their spouses.

SSA administers the retirement, survivors, and disabled social insurance programs, which can provide monthly benefits to aged or disabled workers, their spouses and children, and to the survivors of insured workers. The programs are primarily financed by taxes which employers, employees, and the self-insured pay annually. These revenues are placed into a special trust fund.

Increasing access to this benefit program for low-income or homeless individuals is one of SSA's goals. In , these assistance programs were renamed and reassigned to SSA.

In addition, some states pay additional SSI funds. As of January , over 8 million people receive SSI. For some claimants, this program is harder to receive than funds from RSDI. Disposal of a financial resource i. Every person with or without a Social Security Number is eligible to apply. But if a person does not meet any of the above criteria or is not a documented resident of the United States, his or her claim can only be taken on paper and will be immediately denied.

Even documented residents with legal permanent resident status after August are immediately denied unless they meet some or all of the SSI criteria listed above. The administration of the Medicare program is a responsibility of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services , but SSA offices are used for determining initial eligibility, some processing of premium payments, and for limited public contact information. They also administer a financial needs-based program which supplements Medicare Part D program enrollees.

This program may be applied for at any time, even previous to enrollment in Part D. POMS describes, in excruciating detail, a huge variety of situations regularly encountered by SSA personnel, and the exact policies and procedures that apply to each situation. While the establishment of Social Security predated the invention of the modern digital computer , punched card data processing was a mature technology , and the Social Security system made extensive use of automated unit record equipment from the program's inception. This allowed the Social Security Administration to achieve a high level of efficiency.

SSA expenses have always been a small fraction of benefits paid. As a percentage of assets, the administration costs are 0.

Social Security Cases

SSA operates its own administrative adjudication system, which has original jurisdiction when claims are denied in part or in full. District Court. ODAR also adjudicates disputes relating to retirement claims and has jurisdiction when the paternity of a claimant or the validity of a marriage is at issue when a claim is filed for benefits under the earnings record of a spouse or parent. The agency also adjudicates a limited number of Medicare claim issues, which is a residual legacy from when SSA was part of the U.

Social Security Numbers: Federal and State Laws Restrict Use of SSNs, yet Gaps Remain

Department of Health and Human Services. The error when corrected, further reduces the average U. Each year, just before Mother's Day , SSA releases a list of the names most commonly given to newborn babies in the United States in the previous year, based on applications for Social Security cards. The report includes the 1, most common names for both genders.

The Popular Baby Names page on the SSA website provides the complete list and allows searches for past years and particular names. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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